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Small yet charming,

Hydra has always been in the international spotlight for its natural beauty and peaceful air. Generous and lush, in the past as well as today, this is a unique place where cars and motors are nowhere to be seen, standing in perfect harmony with what is natural, unpretentious, and graceful.

Hear the sound of your footsteps as you stroll down its paths and find the time to wander around the town’s traditional houses built in the early 19th century silent witnesses of the island’s past and present prosperous life.


Let yourself
find inspiration

and a chance to simply indulge in the calm sea coves, the trees, the blue sky and sea, the grey and the red, playful as if tumbling over into the water.

Get to know the history of this island, intrinsically linked to the history of Greece, through its museums, the valuable books kept in the library, the 300 beautiful chapels and 6 sacred monasteries.


Let Hydra amaze you

with the work of great artists you can find in the island’s historic Gallery, with its sensational sunset and the unique architecture maintained in the residencies of some of Greece’s most prominent historical figures, like Pavlos Kountouriotis, Anastasios Tsamados, and the Tombazi’s and Kriezi’s families.


Make no mistake:

Hydra also has a great selection of entertainment options to offer. Cosmopolitan, with a variety of elegant restaurants but also humble taverns, hype coffee shops, bars and nightclubs. Tasteful, romantic, alive.


And if you feel like shopping,

Hydra will once again not let you down. Here you will find a great selection of fashionable shops open seven days a week until late, offering the most up to date range of international brands of clothes and accessories, as well as local stores with high quality foodstuff produced locally.

If you are the outgoing, active kind, Hydra has something for you, as well. You can go swimming, diving, riding, hiking, climbing, sailing and fishing. Or you can celebrate your wedding, christening, name day, birthday, anniversary or simply visit on a business trip. Hydra will meet your expectations.


In Keresbino Hydra
we offer personalised suggestions

on what to see and do, including walk paths, museums, chapels, traditional residencies, shops, sports and nightlife. Feel free to ask for a horse-riding tour.