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At the very center of Hydra

Keresbino Hydra is ideally located at the very center of Hydra, just 150 meters away from the port. Access to the guesthouse is easy and unobstructed (no exterior steps).

Spreading over 512 square meters of land,

the house is surrounded by a 400 meters long garden with orange and lemon trees,
as well as a beautifully crafted marble fount and limestone pool.

Secluded by a stone wall, it offers a relaxing and safe environment to both grownups and children.


With its unique architecture,

the Keresbino Hydra guesthouse carries the spirit of its past into the present,
a bearer of subtle signs of its history for the guests to decipher.
Let us show you around…

First, we reach the 250 years old double-door entrance with a lion-shaped knocker and bolt,
adorned with plaster details typical of the old houses in Hydra, the traditional hydraic marble floor in
different shades of white and grey, as well as wood and the characteristic local mortar clay finish called “kokkina”.

Then we notice the five meters high wooden ceiling, the spacious rooms and magnificent hall with the elaborate cornices.
A wide wooden stair with a window on the left offers a glimpse to the beautiful garden an ideal way to
welcome the guest before leading them to the spacious sitting-room on the first floor.

On the mezzanine, to the right, a small chamber that used to serve as a passage for the house lady to go unseen.
The walls are almost 90 centimeters thick with windows with wooden shutters and glass, a robust construction to protect the
owners from pirates’ attacks back in the day.

Downstairs the guest will see the built-in stoves

and chimney running up the wall to the top that never stopped working for the beloved friends and prominent figures of the time.
Spacious cellars served to store all sorts of goods. Wooden closets with mirrors, portraits, everyday objects treasured
possessions of the family, now whispering the tale of a different era…

First built in 1780,

the house was later renovated by seasoned craftsmen, fervent keepers of their art. The oldest one was only 10 years old
when he first assisted his father during the first renovation initiated by Ioanna, the grandmother.
Today, under his experienced lead, the house has been once again brought to life.

The hydraic stone was scraped and allowed to breath, without unnecessary varnish. The walls were carefully bolstered
with chestnut wood additions, bound anew to offer proper support while graciously maintaining the unique air of the local architecture.
Wood was gritted, lamps and other objects were polished, suitable lighting was installed and sofas and beds were built.

New rooms and spaces were created, including bathrooms, kitchens, storage rooms… The house was indeed brought to new life,
took its new form and is now ready to offer a warm welcome to its guests.