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Keresbino Hydra is a beautiful guesthouse

first built in 1780, amidst the years of the Venetian Occupation era. Impressive in its simplicity, with curved cornerstones and crafted hewn stones from Hydra or the adjacent small island in the Hydra Gulf, Dokos, plain stones, marble stones or unpolished marble, all carefully balanced, fixed without mud, with edges painted white.

Our guesthouse
carries its own history,

as is the case with all historical residencies that stand proudly through the centuries; home to a long-standing family that has led a blissful and creative life. This is where Ioanna, the grandmother, descendant of a noble line, and Mimis, the grandfather, a restless entrepreneur, got married, celebrated, extended their family and created a life of their own. A joyful life, culminated by the coming of their only son, Kostis.


Under the roof of
this house,

Ioanna and Mimis led their joint life, worked and thrived, became indispensable to the community of this island, whilst remaining modest in every aspect of their common life. An atmosphere reverberating in every corner of this house: the main entrance, the garden, wooden stairs and sitting-room with the numerous artifacts…